The Truth Therapy



The Truth Therapy (TTT) is originated by Joane Naboka, PhD. by crystallizing the professional knowledge and years of experiences in the Psychology and Complementary Therapy fields.

Joane found that, no matter how sophisticated a psychotherapy/complementary therapy is, the only healing effect will come when one is willing to face and experience the truth at that very moment: not hiding anywhere, not avoiding anymore, but directly dive into whatever it is at the present. Yes, one may experience some emotions that may not be very comfortable to be with, and yet, if one fully allows oneself to completely and utterly experience whatever it is without any stories attached, these emotions open the gateway to a deeper truth and reveal some cosmic wisdom that will help one to be free. Apart from dealing with stuck emotions, The Truth Therapy also helps in bringing deeper self-awareness and connection with one’s inner wisdom, true self and the Source, uncovering thought or ego patterns that block oneself to stay connected with boundless presence of the Universe.

Simply put, through direct experience, clear, simple and honest conversation, The Truth Therapy allows you to connect with the Truth, and the Truth reveals all you need to know.

For those who:
– longed for living an authentic life.
– longed for letting go of lies, old stories, blockages and feeling of stuckness in life.
– longed for being in touch with their true feelings.
– longed for being connect with the core of their beings.
– longed for being empowered by Life.
– longed for living in higher awareness.
– longed for living closer to the Truth.
– longed for discovering a simple way to stay true and connected with oneself in everyday life.
– longed for the direct experience of connecting with the Source.
– longed for stopping the search and live in total freedom.


Different levels of workshops are developed to cater individual needs: Basic Levels, Advanced Levels, and Practitioners Levels.

For upcoming workshop, please check the SCHEDULE page.

Basic Levels

Level 1 : Journey to the Self

Level 2: Be Your Authentic Self


Advanced Levels

Will be announced later….


Practitioner Levels

Will be announced later….





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