Professional Spiritual Practitioner Training Programme

Foundation Levels:

Level 1 ~ The Foundation

– Professionalism, Spiritual Integrity, Ethics
– Self Awareness, Intention, Attitude Issues
– Sharpening the Senses
– Working with your strengths and energy
– How to prepare yourself before consultation (physical, mental, psychological, consciousness level)

Eligibility: Previous Naboka Workshops’ participants and their referral


Level 2 ~ Essentials in Communication

– Introduction to Different Counseling Approaches in Psychology
– How to incorporate intuition appropriately during the communication with clients
– How to promote authentic communication
– How to deliver your message accurately and promote the quality of communication with clients
– Aware of your own blind spot and defense

Eligibility: Participants who have completed Level 1 and fulfilled its coursework requirements


Participants who fulfill the requirements of coursework of Level 2 will receive a Certificate of Attendance for Foundation Level.
Advanced Levels Workshops will be announced later.

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