Private Session


The Truth Therapy ~ Private Session

In our one-on-one conversation, you will be facilitated to cut your stories and connect to your inner wisdom to guide you to freedom. No issue is too big or too small. Be it about relationships, emotions, career, prenatal and postnatal adjustment, physical challenges, life purpose, or meaning in life, all is welcome here. This is because pure consciousness is all-inclusive.

Let the Truth reveal what you need to know.


Private session can be done in various formats:
Email, Facebook Chat, Telephone, Skype, or in-person.

Session Fee: HKD$1880 /hr (Minimum of 2 – 2.5 Hours per Session)

For appointment, please email to indicating your preferred format.


Please note that currently we only accept clients who are previous Naboka Workshops’ participants or by referral.


Path to Self Discovery ~ Private Session

<Path to Self Discovery> Private Session is an organic, fluid, client-led conscious conversation process. Its aim is to facilitate clients to:

– Have an honest communication with oneself
– Explore their concerns deeper within
– Aware of their own perception and perspective of the circumstances
– Owning the feelings and responsibilities in the situations
– Create their own vision with their inner strengths and resources

It can also be considered as the “Lite Version” of The Truth Therapy private session, suitable for all who care about their psychological wellbeing, who would like to be conscious about their own status, and to have a truthful connection with oneself.

No fortune telling, no second hand beliefs, no answers given by external authorities.
Only present telling, only direct experiences, only discovery arises from within.

Consultation Fee:
HKD$1,800 (60 min)
HKD$2,500 (90 min)

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