Clinic for Practitioners


Clinic for Practitioners
By Dr Joane Naboka

Being a psychospiritual practitioner for years, I understand that to deliver quality services, it is vital for psychospiritual practitioners to maintain healthy inner well-being and high level of competency in their practicing modalities.

The Truth Therapy offers this Clinic for Practitioners with the intention to cater these needs of practitioners.

For practitioners who would like to have a balanced inner world, through direct conversations using The Truth Therapy, you will have your moments to nurture the soul, heighten your awareness, take a chance to receive and be the client, and have a channel to discuss your issues, work on them and set them free.

For practitioners who would like to pursue a higher level of professional competency, you will have a chance to discuss your professional issues. After diagnosing the problems, the core issue will be revealed and you will receive suggestions on how to remove the seeming obstacles, and polish up your skills in delivering messages/ services to your clients. Please note that it is not my intention to (and I will not) teach/work on the technicalities of your modalities if you are coming for this purpose.

Session can be done in various formats:

Email, Facebook Chat, Telephone, Skype, or in-person.

For in-person session, it can be held in small group with maximum 4 people.

The session duration and cost for each format is different.

If you are interested, please email to indicating:

1. Your preferred session format
2. Your practicing modality/modalities
3. The number of years of your practicing experience
4. Your intention of receiving the service of this Clinic

and you will be notified about the cost and availability.


Please note that the Clinic for Practitioners currently only accept clients who are previous Naboka Workshops’ participants.