Pre-order: PREMA Auric Spray


The Truth Therapy proudly presents The Truth Therapy Essence Auric Spray Series. The ingredients include: energy essences (flower essence/ gem essence/ environment essence) and hydrosol(s), positive intention and good vibes. All Essence Auric Sprays will be personally make by Dr Joane Naboka with unique energy and specific intention.

The first one we are presenting is PREMA.

PREMA means Divine Love in Sanskrit. The intention of creating the PREMA Auric Spray is to:
– Cleanse, Calm, Balance and Protect the heart.
– Heal old emotional wounds, especially fear, sorrow, guilt, anxiety and embarrassment.
– Release fear and resistance to the unknown. Promote trust and the ability to take risk to heal and grow.
– Bring in joy, peace and stability. Open the being to divine Love.
– Bring in vision and awareness. Open one’s heart to angelic presence.

From the responses of participants who participated in our 7-day trial experiment, PREMA delivered what it meant to deliver, magically finely adjusted itself according to the users’ needs.

PREMA is made to order. Pre-order is available from now till 18 June 2016. No order will be entertained after the deadline.

PREMA Essence Auric Spray
Size: Approximately 120ml
Cost: HK$380 (Local delivery charge included. International delivery charge varies according to location)
Item will be shipped on 4 July 2016.

To place your order, please kindly send email to indicating the number of bottle of PREMA you would like to order. Payment information will be provided upon receiving your order.

Many thanks to those who have participated in the 7-day trial experiment and who are so generous to grant us the permission to share their testimonials about their experiences of using PREMA:

“記得當我打開郵包,看到這支auric spray, 便有總很安穩的感覺,第一次噴在aura 位置,有種似曾相識的味道,令我想起童年。繼續用了兩天,感覺都是很joyful的,事事都非常順暢,然後第3至7天開始感覺內在隱藏了的情緒想浮出來了,但意識試又會很neutral地回應,完全感覺到一股supportive的力量。整個試驗過程,我感覺安全安心,因為Joane給了詳細指引,我自己亦沒有expectation, 純粹去試去感受。過程中我感受到是要幫助我清理好舊的東西,將隱藏的都引發出來,然後再給我力量,有意識地作決定和感應自己的內在。謝謝Joane.〞 ~ Carol Wong

謝謝Joane讓我試這噴霧,讓我又接觸到新的好東西。” ~ Etta Wong

“I have been using the PREMA Essence Spray for over 10 days now, I feel more in touch with myself and feeling totally ok and natural, even great about expressing my truth. Also, I feel more secure about trusting my own intuition, knowing that I am being supported by everybody around me, all I need to do is just claim that support. During this period while I am using this spray, I become more sensitive to my emotions and some of them aren’t as pleasant, however, I would still be able to be aware of them, and stay present; with the support of the spray, I could be more compassionate to myself, understanding that most of the unpleasant emotions were coming from the incidents in the past, with realising this, it helped me to let go of the past patterns, gain back my courage and live out my truth.” ~ Lousie Pang

“ I like the smell of PREMA Essence Spray and it always brought me the feeling of determination and courage after spraying to the chakras, especially solar plexus. I suddenly encountered the event of former colleague who may rejoin the company. It made me insecure and nervous at first, but I felt grounded and safe after the use of spray. The heat came from the solar plexus reminded me that I ma protected and safeguarded by the Universe.” ~ Priscilla Lee